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ChurchLife iPhone details
 iPhone:  Go to the Apple APP Store and search for Church Life. 
Download the app.  To use you will need to enter our church code (90723), your email address and password that you use with the secured area of the website.  If you don’t have this information or you cannot remember it, please contact Sandra Moscato at 788-3589. 
Please note:  YOU MUST sign in through the secure area of the website with your new or updated email/password before you will be able to sign in on your phone!  Instructions for this are here!
When you enter your information on your phone you can select “remember me” and you will have access to the app until you turn off/reboot your phone, then you will need to enter the information, select “remember me” again.

Once you have access, in the upper left corner of the screen you will see an icon with horizontal lines.  Click this to access the menu choices:  People and Calendar (ignore “my tasks” for now).

Select the PEOPLE option and search on the first or last name of a member.  You will see a list of all matching records.  Select the one you want and you will see the information as it is currently recorded in the church’s member data base:  Name, preferred phone number, address and family members.  You can click on the blue icon to dial the phone number, email the person or have Google Maps give you directions to the home.  You can also select family members listed and get the information for members in the household (no details on children of members except the name).  In the upper right corner of your screen you will see a “rolodex” type of icon.  You can select this and have the option to add the contact to your phone contacts list.

Select the CALENDAR option and scroll through the latest SVPC Calendar, including the Room location and any description provided by the scheduler.



Last Published: August 17, 2015 10:39 AM