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SVPC Projector Coordination
We have 2 new 
?portable ?
projectors and 1 relatively new one available for Sunday School classes, meetings, etc.  In order to ensure that everyone has access when needed, please follow the process below.  The 2 new projectors will attach to a laptop with VGA (cable included with each) or HDMI ( no cable included).  The older one will only attach via VGA (cable included).  At least 2 of the devices have 3-prong extension cords - plan ahead!  All projectors have remotes.
They are all in black shoulder bags, locked in the CE closet perpendicular to the Copier Room off of the Atrium.  You MUST reserve a specific device through the following links in order to use one.  
  1. Who has reserved what projector for what timeframe:  
  2. Reserve a specific projector for a specific timeframe:  
    THIS FORM  (
    includes the 
    following information):  
  • Name of person taking/responsible for the device
  • Name of class/committee, etc using the device
  • Email and phone number for the person taking the device
  • Which device you are reserving (1, 2 or 3)
  • Scheduled date/time to check OUT
  • Scheduled date/time to check IN
If you need Potts Hall for your projector needs, that should be scheduled like all facility requests, through Sandra Moscato.
If everyone will do their part to support this process there should be a projector and associated accessories available when needed.  


Last Published: September 10, 2014 1:23 PM