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Commitment Sunday/Pledge Sunday

This has been a great year at SVPC. Through faith we see abundant blessings and growth at church. We rejoice in the new members and families we have received this year. Thirty-three people have joined this year so far! We saw an increase in worship attendance over the past year. We are so thankful for the presence of many children and young families in the church. We seek to do our best for God with the resources we share together to fund our missions and ministry.

In 2019, we are asking all our members to move forward in their faith. As we think about our life together as a church, a family of faith, united in the grace of Christ, the growth and service of our church is in our hearts and hands. We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider increasing their giving. This brochure describes our annual budget needs.

Moving forward in our financial giving helps everyone grow. Our giving supports our ministry to children, teens, and adults. Our giving reaches out to our neighbors. Our giving supports our beautiful building and grounds. Our building provides a safe space for our worship and fellowship, as well as space for community groups that use our facilities, such as AA, and the Scouts. We are home to a wonderful Preschool that has ministered to so many hundreds of families through the years. We want all our members to make a commitment to support the ministry of the church. We want 100% participation.

As you consider how you can move forward in your giving, we are not just talking about finances. But also consider how you can move forward in all areas of your faith and involvement in the life of this church. How can you move forward in service? Prayer? Worship? Study? Challenge yourself to move forward and take responsibility for your place in the life of the church.

Pledge Sunday is November 18. We are asking you to please return your pledge card or fill out an online pledge on or before Pledge Sunday.

Please prayerfully consider your giving of time, talent, and treasure to the life of the church. Together let us all move forward in 2019. Through faith we see abundant blessings and growth at SVPC!

How to Contribute Financially


Debt Elimination

We continue to make progress in reducing the debt we carry on our property. In 2018 we began a three-year period. Our mortgage is paid from this separate fund, NOT the General Fund where annual stewardship gifts are deposited.

We depend on our members to pledge to the Debt Elimination Fund every 3 years.  This is the funding for paying the mortgage.