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Commitment Sunday/Annual Stewardship

There is one thing that we Christians can never forget—the opportunity we have as givers is not only for the good of others, but also for our own spiritual well-being. It’s part of the way we love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and blessings!

There are many opportunities for spreading the ministry of Christ at Spring Valley Presbyterian Church.  This ministry is supported through our tithes and offerings to the general operating budget. We also give of ourselves through supporting each other, our community and our world. Commitment Sunday is held on November 20th. You will receive a letter and pledge card in the mail. Please bring your pledge card to our Commitment Service on November 20th. You also can pledge through our online form or pick up a pledge card at church. 

How to Contribute Financially


Debt Reduction

We continue to make progress in reducing the debt we carry on our property!  In 2015 we began another three-year period.  Our mortgage is paid from this separate fund, NOT the General Fund where annual stewardship gifts are deposited.

We depend on our members to pledge to the Debt Reduction Fund every 3 years.  This is the funding for paying the mortgage.  If you have questions about this you can discuss it with Wayne Brown, Chair of the Finance Committee.